We Have A Long History Of Eliminating The Embarrassing Streaks And Discolorations That Can Keep Your House From Looking Its Best.

For The Homeowner

Have you noticed green or black mildew on your home’s siding? What about those awful, black streaks on your gutters? Is your vinyl siding chalky or dirty?
By selecting Roush Commercial Power Washing for your house washing needs, you can be confident that our safe, guarantee-backed cleaning methods will restore your home to its former beauty without the risk of damaging your house or landscaping.

Clean Your Home The Safe Way

Did you know that most pressure washing companies in our area clean their customers’ homes at pressure levels much higher than is required? At Roush Commercial Power Washing, we know that it does not take 4000 psi to remove dirt and mildew from houses. In fact, such high-pressure streams of water can cause SEVERE damage to your home. We understand that almost any surface can be properly cleaned with little more than garden hose pressure.

The key to low pressure house washing is using the safest, most appropriate chemicals. Our house washing detergents are applied to the home with a low pressure nozzle and allowed to dwell for 5-15 minutes. During this time the bleach that is in the mixture turns any green or black mold to a light brown color. Other debris like spider webs, dust, small insects and bird droppings are suspended in the foamy mixture. Then we thoroughly rinse the home with low pressure clean water which removes all of the dust and debris as well as the dead organic material.

Our standard house washing solution consists of water, 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, and various other additives. Sodium Hypochlorite is the active ingredient in household bleach, although household bleach contains about 6% and the industrial version we use contains about 12%. Bleach is a very safe and eco-friendly chemical when used properly. We use the absolute minimum amount of chemicals possible, while still being able to provide a superior end product.

When our solution is injected into the water stream, it becomes diluted with water to around a 10:1 ratio. Some of the other various additives that would be added into our house washing detergent would be foaming agents, surfactants, rinse aids, penetrators, and mold inhibitors. Our house washing solutions are blended on site according to the type of debris found on your home, not mixed in huge batches like most cleaning contractors will do. One size does not fit all when it comes to house washing detergents.
Roush Commercial Power Washing
Roush Commercial Power Washing
Roush Commercial Power Washing
Roush Commercial Power Washing