Our experience with Residentail Homes has led us to Multifamily Complexes for the entire Southeastern United States
  • Roof Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Pool Deck Pressure Washing
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Dumpster/Compactor Pad Cleaning
  • Exterior Window Washing
  • Breezeway Cleaning (Walls, Floors, Stairs)
  • Exterior Building Cleaning

Building Exterior Cleaning

Our soft wash process allows us to clean 3 story buildings from the ground! This is very beneficial to the property because of the minimal impact made. We can leave the building exteriors sparkling clean WITHOUT the inconvenience of noisy man lifts, dangerous ladders and unsightly scaffolding. Our exclusive low pressure cleaning process is also much safer than traditional high pressure cleaning. 

Breezway Cleaning

The methods, chemicals and attachments are purpose built for the professional cleaning contractor. We begin by spot-treating heavily soiled areas with eco friendly detergents, followed by a mild detergent application to all concrete surfaces. This helps to break down any contaminants and stains even further.

Next, we use rotary surface cleaners to pressure wash all of the flat concrete surfaces of the breezeway. The water being used is heated to around 180 degrees, which removes up to 50% more staining than pressure washing with cold water. Depending on the application, breezeway walls and ceilings are cleaned using the same low pressure cleaning method as we would use on the exterior of the buildings. Precautions are taken to reduce the chances of water intrusion under doors and around fire alarm components. Proper signage is always placed at the entrances to breezeways so that residents are aware of the project at hand.